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The network RML2future is dedicated to the promotion of multilingualism and linguistic diversity in the Europe of the 21st century, actively involving the regional and minority languages (RML).

The aim of the network is to promote the European objective of multilingualism, according to which each European should learn two additional languages beyond the proficiency of his/her mother tongue. In the course of this, the European regional and minority languages are integrated. The network pursues to use this resource of natural bi- and multilingualism. Because it is the potential of multilingual regions that must be exploited in regard to the European objective and value of multilingualism combined with a positive effect for preserving linguistic diversity.

To exploit the regional education potentials in cooperation between professionals, experts and decision makers and to create language friendly environments in the regions integrating the minority languages, the network is aiming at the acquisition of necessary know-how in the field of language planning and language policies amongst the participants.

The networks pursues the objective of developing into a centre of competence in the field of regional and minority languages as well as multilingual regions.

The network is based on the more than 100 organisations of European autochthonous, national minorities united in the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) and the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN).

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